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July 30 - August 5

our week

Schedule is subject to change (weather!)

our week


our place

our place



Our venue is a big, rustic house in the Alps of Vorarlberg, Austria. 

It's located in beautiful Thüringerberg, from which we can take plenty of hikes and excursions. Some of the options are...

... easy walks through a canyon, or challenging hikes to a mountain top and everything in between
... swimming at one of the many lakes
... doing a Handstand in two countries at the same time! Your choice of Austria, Germany, Switzerland and Liechtenstein. Obviously we would make that a professional photoshoot :)


Gym Area

The big training space is accessible throughout the entire stay and can be used outside of our scheduled classes.

If you are one of those people who want to max out on your training capacity, you can go crazy and add on as many training hours as you want! Maybe you'll find some people to join you too :).



Community Room

There is plenty of room throughout the entire house for both, extroverts and introverts.


Choose if you want to hangout in one of the big spaces with the group, or retreat into one of the nooks & crannies for some down-time or in-depth private conversations.


Dining Hall

The space for our in-person Cooking with Chicca

Watch our member and chef Chicca do her magic in the kitchen, or if you enjoy cooking, help her out and learn something along the way!


our view

When the weather is nice we can all eat dinner outside on the porch and enjoy the stunning view:

our view

our rooms

3 different categories, all with shared bathrooms. Prices are per person and per bed for the entire retreat, including taxes.

our rooms


Single Bed

1,999 €

per Person

We got 3 of those rooms - all the way on the highest floor. If you want lots of privacy, that's the place to be.



Two Single Beds

1,599 €

per Person

There is only 2 rooms like this. A bit less privacy than in a single room, but also on the highest floor of our venue. Perfect for you if you want to come with a friend or partner. (You could even place the two beds next to each other if you want!)



Five Beds

1,299 €

per Person

Our "economy class" for everyone that's not shy of company! There's 3 single beds and one king size bed for two.


The pictures of the rooms on this page are showing only one specific room of each category - all rooms look a little different from one another!

our cook

our cook




Our amazing member and professional chef Chicca will be flying in from Italy to cook for and/or with us! She will be the one organizing and preparing our meals. The dinners can be turned into a community activity a la "Cooking with Chicca" for those of you who enjoy cooking!

Regarding the menu itself: There'll be food for everyone, we plan it around the people. You are a vegeterian? Or vegan? Wait, you want some Prosciutto too? No worries, we got you covered :D